Saturday, June 19, 2010

Small Screen Musings

What a wild ride the past few weeks have been.

From achieving publication a little over a month ago until now, things have definately been turned on their heads from my previous comfortable little life.

Wednesday, I had my first televised interview (available online at for Cogeco Niagara Channel 10. It was a three-minute whirlwind of an experience, made all the more surreal by the lovely lavender background supplied.

It was strange talking about the book, that much is for sure. I wrote the novel mostly spurned on by red wine and boredom while watching TV in my living room, and here a reporter was asking me questions about the work. Absolutely ridiculous.

It was a great learning experience, and hopefully one of many to come in the future. Practice makes perfect, and I really hope I get more chances to work on it in the future. Many thanks to Darryl Day, producer of the show, for his patience and dilligence in helping me out with the endeavour!

Any writers seeking publicity for their work? I offer this advice.

Don't stop.

I sent out in the neighbourhood of 50 emails for interviews before recieving a single response. It's like querying for an agent all over again, and can be equally disheartening. Keep your foot to the floor and don't give up - you never know what emails you might find in your inbox the next day!

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