Friday, May 28, 2010

The Promotional Game

The Promotional Game.

Selling yourself shamelessly.

It's funny, really.

When you're first drafting the rough version of a manuscript, things seem to move in super-slow motion. Days pass in the blink of an eye while minutes in front of the computer become years in some other world.

Time slows down even more when the time comes to start querying. Ah yes, Query Hell is a shitty place to be. Lots of emails that never get returned. Lots of bounced communications from agents closing up shop. The replies you do get are ninety percent form-letter rejections, eight percent hand-typed rejections under fifteen words in length, and one percent hand-typed rejections that can actually be classified as constructive experiences. The rest makes you want to quit, and makes you wonder why you bothered wasting so much time writing the damned thing in the first place. You curse your lack of writing knowledge, industry contacts, and general skill.

All, until that other one percent of emails comes - the one saying you did it.
You got published.

After that, everything snaps into fast-forward - moving too quickly to keep up, threatening to pass you by if you slow your pace for even a second. You book events, interviews, and appearances in double-time. You hammer out back cover copies and work furiously on your next manuscript.

This is the place I'm in now - where everything is speeding at me in the headlight of an oncoming train.

Good news - booked two promotional interviews in the next two weeks.

The first is an interview for an article a journalist would like to write on me, the book, and how I got there to be featured with photographs in an upcoming article for the Era Banner.

The second is a local television network appearance, where they'll be broadcasting a three minute interview with me as many times as the show airs in two weeks.

Both will be online and I'll be posting links as soon as they become available.

Now, it's time to wait for the rest of my promotional queries to come back from potential media outlets.

A funny thing indeed, time.

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